Got a Nice Axe?

The Horse’s Axe Club

Join “The Horse’s Axe Club” by purchasing a Horse’s Axe.  Return with your Horse’s Axe in the future to throw at a discount any day of the week.  One Axe gets One discounted thrower.  The Horse’s Axe is a visual coupon.  Discounts are given in store only.

Clydesdale flier


Price : $55

Weight: 2.32 Lbs. (1,053 grams)

Length: 15.75 inches

Blade: 3.25 inches

Mustang Flyer - 1


Price: $65

Weight: 1.82Lbs. (829 grams)

Length: 14.5 inches

Blade:  3.375 inches

Stallion Flyer - 1


Price: $75

Weight: 1.83 Lbs. (830 grams)

Length: 14.5 inches

Blade: 4.125 inches

Get $10 off an axe when you throw axes with us for an hour.

Note: these axes are sold separately and not part of the "take home your axe" offer

Purchase only available in store

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