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The Horse’s Axe is just like Axe Throwing, but better! Our locations have end grain wood targets, projected games and scoreboards, plus billiards and other activities to encourage customers to stay longer and play harder.



Please check out our video of the Legalzoom National Campaign featuring our business! We do things differently. At the height of the pandemic, the brain-child of giving away the official “Horse’s Axe” throwing hatchet started the buzz.  Word spread quickly across social media. Customers started driving past many other Axe Throwing venues to visit us because they “wanted the axe”. Word continued to spread throughout the United States after TikTok videos went viral. Customers started driving from hours away and even flying in from other states.


Our Downtown Denison location has Axe Throwing, Billiards and an ARCADE!! We have games for all ages!

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