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Mike Roberts spent 25 years in Corporate America, culminating with 16 years at Asurion as a Senior Director of Sales. During his tenure, Mike delivered presentations to tens of thousands in the AT&T Wireless sales organization. With decades of experience in front of audiences, Mike’s ability to weave a story and inspire people is second to none.

In early 2020, Asurion downsized, and Mike’s name was on the list, "I love that company and all the people that work there. They simply called my number, so it was on to the next chapter in my life".

But what was the next chapter?

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A few years earlier, Mike and his sales staff planned a team builder at an Axe Throwing venue. During the evening, one of Mike’s employees walked up to him and said, "Hey Mike, I’ve got a retirement idea for you…Open an Axe Throwing venue!"  Of course, they laughed about it, but Mike remembers looking around and thinking to himself, "hmm, I think I could do this better."  He went home the next day and told his wife, Holly, "Hey Hon, retirement idea! We’re opening an Axe Throwing venue!" Holly looked at him like he was crazy but then laughed and said, "Um, okay!"  It became a standing joke around their house.

After the layoff, Mike did some interviews, thinking, "I guess I need to find a job at another company."  After a few interviews and conversations with his wife, Mike decided that going back into Corporate America was not his next step.

In January 2020, Mike and Holly, along with her brother Darin and his wife Michelle, sat down together and talked about what they would name an Axe Throwing venue if they were to do it. "Let’s face it", said Mike, "When you’re naming an Axe Throwing venue, you’re throwing out every pun in the book."   When someone suggested The Horse’s Axe, their first thought was "There’s no way that name is available. It’s way too funny" …but it was available. Everyone started laughing and cracking jokes. The Horse’s Axe was born.

But that’s just the beginning of the story.

The struggles of starting The Horse’s Axe during a pandemic and their ingenious marketing tactics is a story you have to hear to believe…

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